Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Neutrogena: Works For Cheap

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for Neutrogena
Since the age of 9 I've been interested in skin and what could be the best way to take care of it. Right around this time, I was also introduced to the skincare line Neutrogena by my fabulous mother. She has always sworn by their products to help get the cleanest of skin. And honestly i thought, if I can one day have fabulous looking skin like hers, why not jump on the Neutorgena bandwagon??

Neutrogena is an American based company now owned by Johnson & Johnson. It originated in 1930 with their infamous clear facial soap, that is still on the shelves today, that helps clear the skin of impurities without drying it out. From there, the company has grown worldwide with many more products developed over the years.

As a make-up artist, I have come across tons of cleansers to use, some way better than others:), but every once in a while I need to return to my roots and get the squeaky clean feeling that the Neutrogena facial cleanser gives me. If you have never tried it, I highly recommend it. It is just your basic face cleanser that no matter what skin type you may have, it works every time. I especially love to use it with my Clarisonic Mia to get this amazing, invigorating feeling that's as if I just received the best facial from an expensive salon. No Joke!!

One of my favorite eye make-up removers also comes from the Neutrogena line. The oil-free eye make-up remover is probably one of the best on the market. It removes all of my fierce eye make-up before I cleanse my face at night and does not leave any sort of oily finish. I would say that this is a sure contender with Lancome's infamous Bi-Facil make-up remover, but  for a fabulous price, who could beat this??

Summer is already over and Winter is quickly approaching, but you still want to have an amazing Summer glow without the dreaded orange effect....well I've found it for you. Over the years, I have researched (and by research I mean I have sacrificed my body into turning a few shades of hideous orange lol) and tried to find the perfect self tanner that wouldn't turn you into an infamous oompa loompa (if that's how ya say it). I have found a few self tanner's at department stores, but their all so pricey I can't afford to stay "faux tan" for the money. I finally came across Neutorgena's MicroMist Tanning spray at the grocery store and decided to hunker down and try it out. I was skeptical about it at first, it coming from the shelf at the grocery store and for the price, how could this possibly come out looking good? All my worries flew right out the window after the initial application. It leaves a gorgeous, non-streaking glow on the skin that looks so natural that people will think you just came back from the islands. I swear by this product in the Winter months and definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for that refreshing, natural glow. Another added plus for this product is it won't break you out like some products tend to do. I like to exfoliate my entire body and then after I get out of the shower I'll spray this on and wait for it to dry before getting dressed. In about 2 or so hours you will notice a light glow to the skin that will continue to grow over the next day.

For the price you can't beat it; one spray tan application at most salons is $30+ and will tend to fade in about seven days, but with the MicroMist it's about $9 and lasts about ten days and you can reapply it to your desired shade as often as you want. This is one of my favorite products for year round use and you cannot beat the price for your wallet and for your skin.

If you haven't tried any of these products I highly recommend that you do so. I have tried multiple things over the years, but still tend to come back to these when I need my fix. Let me know how you liked them too!

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