Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Cheer

Sorry y'all, I've been completely slacking in my posts for this holiday season, but none the less, Christmas is in full swing these days,everywhere you go. Music, decorations, fashion.....it's all definitely putting me in the mood for this upcoming holiday season. I love the holidays, but then again who doesn't? From a new cozy wardrobe to sparkly fashion accessories, it makes you want to be festive in every aspect of life. Love it!!!!

It definitely makes you spice up your makeup kit as well. I feel like I need a new re-vamping of all my makeup goods around this time of year. It's almost like a cleansing process to start fresh. New year, new makeup?? Yes, indeed.I've been thinking of new and exciting looks for this holiday season as well. I've been searching the web more and more (mostly due to the fact that I'm doing most of my Christmas shopping online, dreading the mall) and browsing through tons of magazines. I'm loving all the new looks I'm seeing with the smoky eye and the added shimmer. Ugh, I never want it to end!!

Rihanna's Red Hot Lips
 One of the biggest trends for the holidays this year is the "Red Hot Lips". From Rihanna to Katy Perry, everyone has been making this bold statement. I love a perfectly pouty red lip with a striking smoky eye for the holiday party you've been waiting to get dazzled for (yes, dazzled)! Normally, I like to go by the rule "one or the other", meaning either do a smoky eye and a subtle lip or vice versa, but when this time of year hits, all rules fly out the window. Poof!!! Things can be very tricky when it comes to red lipstick, because of all the millions of shades of red out there. No worries needed. Some tips I like to follow are, if you tend to have more pink undertones in your skin, definitely go for a red that has more pink in it. This way you won't be washed out and your teeth will look extra pearly white. If you tend to have more blue undertones in your skin (like me), go for a red that has more blues in it so it won't clash with your skin tone. My favorite shade of red these days is the Rouge Artist Intense in Moulin Rouge by MakeupForEver. It's the perfect shade of red and the pigment is so fabulous that it never fades throughout the day or night. I like to use it with my Too Faced Anti-Feathering Lip Pencil  to get the perfect lined lip with no smudging. My sister is hooked on this as well and it looks gorgeous with her dark hair and creamy skin. Trying to find that perfect red lip has always been a difficult road.One that moisturizes and stays put, it was like trying to find a needle in a hay stack (ok, maybe that's a little extreme, but it felt pretty close to this). I've tried so many red lipsticks over the years, but this is one that I keep going back to time and time again.

Glittered Smoky Eye

Glitter is in the air! Not just in Pink's song, but everywhere you look, more and more people are spicin' up their look with shimmer and glitter. I think there's something with the cold weather and snow that gets people shimmerin' away. My motto: "The more shimmer, the better!" Why not?! Show off those bold, beautiful peepers for all to see. Christmas time is the best time to add a little pep to your makeup routine. Get creative and try new things, you never know what you may come up with and may find your cool new look. I love to test the waters with a little added shimmer especially for an upcoming Christmas party or event. There are a few ways to add a little or a lot of shimmer and/or glitter to any look. Start with a basic smoky eye, then before applying your mascara wet your brush just the slightest to adhere any loose or eyeshadow shimmer/glitter to it (Doing this will transfer the shimmer/glitter in a more controlled way). Apply as little or as much to the eye area and finish off the look with your favorite mascara. Another way to do it is to apply the slightest amount of eyeshadow primer over your eye makeup, just enough to allow any added shimmer/glitter to adhere, but not so much that it smudges off all your fabulous eye makeup. Adding a little along the lower lash line is really pretty and ties in the entire look.

Now you're ready for that amazing Christmas party you've been waiting for all year long. Just go for it, girl and don't be shy what-so-ever!!You'll look fabulous!!

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