Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Makeup Me Crazy

Happy Tuesday, y'all! You know when you wake up in the morning, birds singing, coffee brewing, breakfast cooking...Yea, it was kinda like one of those mornings for me. I don't know if I just absolutely love what I do or if its because the night before I layed out every piece of makeup I own on my living room floor and re-organized my kit. I choose both!

I had a bride trial-run this morning that I had to wake up semi early for, so while I had some time to spare and feeling very festive, I decided to lay it on with my new MAC makeup products that I purchased the other day (just incase you haven't seen ALL the pictures I've posted).

This picture really doesn't do it justice, but I had to snap and run after taking my sweet lil time in the bathroom this morning. I'm loving me some MAC makeup! This is a huge deal for me due to the fact for years I haven't really been a fan of the makeup line as I always thought it was highly overrated, but for a lil switch up, it ain't all bad. 

I ended up using five different colors to achieve this look and really love the variety that you can do with these colors. I used Goldmine all over the eye to start and added a little bit of Expensive Pink in the crease to create a nice contrast between the two colors. You could even stop here, which is what I like to do in the summer, but I wanted a little added smokiness in my look. I added a touch of Mulch to the outer corner and really concentrated that color there to really get that smoke goin'. To switch it up a bit I added Deep Damson over the top of that and moved it towards the middle to create a cranberry coloring. I finished it with MAC's infamous and my favorite gel liner Fluidline in Blacktrack and really dramatized my usual cat eye. Usually I add the gel liner to the bottom lash line, but I'm rally into added brown powder and wetting my flat brush and creating brown liner on the bottom. In doing this your adding liner without the harshness of the black. 

There you have it! I'm so in love with these colors and this look. You can add as many colors on top of one another and create so much dimension to your shadow or just choose one or two for an easy summer look at the beach. So fun and yet so simple! Who knew?! Try this at home and tell me what ya think! 

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