Monday, January 9, 2012

New Year, New You

Well, hello there!! Yes, it has been a hot minute since I have been considered a fellow blogger, but I can only guess that the holiday's with good friends and family (and good eggnog:)) can be blamed for my absence from the blog world. 

It's a new year so you know what that means...resolutions. Yes, the dreaded resolutions that come every January and seem to disappear around the month of May. This year is going to be completely different. I have vowed what I like to call my "makeup revamping" resolution this year. I vow to literally throw all of myself into the fabulous makeup world and come out on top! I'm very excited for what is to come this year and all the gorgeous looks, styles, and products that come with it.

A lil skin care routine I love:)

My first MAC Cosmetics palette

These are just a few of the products that I've recently indulged in to kick the new year off right and some that I have promised myself to use religiously throughout the year to get back into a routine. My skin care routine sometimes lack (so sad), but now that I just purchased some heavy duty DDF moisturizer I am back in the game. After many-a-months of back and forth I finally broke down and bought some MAC eyeshadows. BEST DECISION YET! Love the colors and the many looks that you can get out of so few colors, I'm stoked to get down and dirty (posting pics soon!!). So there's a lil dabble in what I have going on for the future and the fabulous makeup world out there. Tune in for what's to come this year, y'all!! Happy 2012!!

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