Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The New Thin

Still trying to keep up with those " slim down" New Year's resolutions?? Ugh, let me just tell you, it really ain't easy. As I'm in the same boat as millions of other women out there, it's tough to stick with a diet and find time to hit the gym. So I got to thinking, we use fashion to flatter our figures, so why not incorporate some simple, slenderizing makeup tricks-of-the-trade? Contouring the face gives it an optical illusion in just seconds that can trick others into thinking you've lost tons of weight. It's also great if you want to down-play a feature on the face you may not be so crazy about, a.k.a "scalpel-free plastic surgery!" When you want to contour the face, it's always best to do it before you apply your foundation for the day, that way it looks more natural.

For the forehead, use a bronzer slightly 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone around the areas of the temples and hairline. This way you will appear to have a more narrow forehead, and what woman doesn't want that?!  To achieve this, I like to use my favorite Nars bronzer in Casino. This totally does the trick and looks amazing!! (Yes, this deserves two exclamation points)

For the nose, I like to slim just the upper sides (just under the eyes) and not all the way down. This way it will look more natural when trying to slim down the slightly, over powering snooter. Adding a little highlight to the top of the nose is a nice touch and draws attention only to that area making the bridge appear thinner. When doing this, I like to use a cream bronzer only because I can work it a little better in that area and to have the best end result. I use one that I got from the makeup school I went to, but you can use any dark shaded cream bronzer you like. As a highlighter, of course, I love using Nars' Albatross because...well, it's amazing!!

And last, but certainly not least, the cheeks. The cheeks can often be the hardest area to conceal, because they are usually the chubbiest part of the face. I like to use a bronzer 1-2 shades darker underneath the jawline and underneath the cheek bones. This will create a nice, sharpness to the chin and draw the eye towards the mouth area, giving you a thin sculpted face. Again, one of my favorite products to achieve the best results with is Nars bronzer in Casino. (You could use the Nars bronzer in Laguna, but I find that it tends to make me a little more orange in the winter months, but you can switch it between the two if you prefer).

And don't forget that the main key here is to BLEND BLEND BLEND! I can't stress it enough how important this is to create the natural, soft look your going for. This goes for eye makeup too, but that's a whole other chapter. You'll be slim in no time with these tricks-of-the-trade, no sweating or dieting needed.

What's your favorite slimming trick? Have you tried using bronzer to look slimmer? How'd it work out for you?

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