Monday, February 13, 2012

"Who are you wearing?"

Love me some award shows. Have I told you this lately?? Their so fun to watch and see who is the best and worst dressed, who wins the award of the evening, and who's performance is "knocking it out". It's so festive and always gets me feeling how much I want to be walking that red carpet too (sigh), but then I think to myself that's exactly what I'm working to do (with my makeup work that is). 

There's always the anticipation of who will walk the infamous red carpet and who will stun and shock us. From Versace to Prada the stars are decked to the hills and here are a few of my favorite makeup looks of the evening along with outfits. 



Carrie Underwood
Love these gals! From head-to-toe, they really hit it on the nose for their fabulous looks. What were your favorites of the evening? Who wore it best? Who wore it worst? Who wore it at all? Lol

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