Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Oh Hello, Mr. Mailman

I finally jumped on the band wagon with all my girlfriends and purchased a Birchbox that they oh-so rave about each month. It's possibly one of the best ideas I've ever heard of and absolutely one of those that makes you go, "Why didn't I think of that?".

I really love this company! Not long ago they had an article in Cosmo about how they got started all the way to where they are now. Such an amazing story. I immediately ordered my monthly box!

After months and months and a few more months after that (seriously)of being outta the loop, I finally ordered it and received my samples for the month. My girlfriends haven't stopped talking about Birchbox for as long as I can remember and would talk about all the products they would receive each month. I was pleasantly surprised to find a ton of goodies. From nail polish to hair elixir, they give you tiny samples that are customized to your personality profile to try out and if you end up loving them (which I'm sure will happen with all the samples I get, I'm sorta a hoarder when it comes to products) you can purchase them through the website. How great is this?!?!

I highly recommend this deal to anyone and to jump on the band wagon a lot faster than I did. For just $10 a month you get a ton of stuff to try and you cannot beat the deal by any means! You'll love it and never look back!

Stila eyeshadows, Ageless perfume, Orofluido hair elixir,
Jouer luminizing moisture tint,  Color Club nail polish, renewal tea bags

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